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15mm vs 20mm napoleonic forged in battle design, manufacture and supply globally the highest quality 15mm pewter wargaming miniatures and resin vehicles for your gaming needs! ESTABLISHED OVER 20 YEARS, WE PRIDE OURSELVES IN EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PRODUCT SATISFACTION. Dear Commanders, Happy New Year! Just wanted to get your suggestions on the following. Chariot Miniatures (our 15mm ranges) A popular and much loved range of miniatures covering Classical, Biblical, Dark Ages, Medieval, Eastern, French Revolution and Napoleonic figures. A friend of mine wanted Krisztian to paint French Cuirassiers for him. After a recent conversation with a friend in regards to Napoleonic rules, Laselle was recommended. Napoleonic "Battle of Fulda" 26th of October 1813, a fictitious battle after Leipzig part 1! 6 Rejects turned up on Saturday for a 15mm napoleonic game and a fictitious battle after the battle of Leipzig between seven countries, Fran TamsinP London, United Kingdom A mythical beast - a female wargamer! I got back into wargaming in the summer of 2011 after a very, very long break. I see these are no longer available and it is with a lot of reluctance I am selling them. a bit smaller. Gruntz 15mm has been specifically designed to support tanks, support vehicles, air support, mecha and artillery. FiB 15mm Loyd Carrier on the right, Battlefront in the centre and Plastic Soldier Companies 15mm Loyd Carriers kit on the left (with FoW medium base added) Side view showing height comparison - note, without the base added to the PSC model, the FoW model is taller Some real painting, not rebasing. The British had the option of setting up in either A or B, as marked on the map above. Various factions recruit small warbands to fight in tight, scenario-driven battles that could secure the mystical power to defend or crush Rome. New refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, while Used refers to an item that has been used previously. Once again, I'm dabbling with my boxes of 1/72 Caesar's figures. Painting-Studio 72 Blog of a German figure painter who focuses mainly on 1/72 & 20mm Figures and also occasionally trades in plastic figures & kit sets. Virtually all my armies are made up of 20mm plastics so don't expect to find any 28mm metal here. A few months ago, the kind folks at Splintered Light sent me a sample pack of their 15mm figures from their Splintered Light range, which mostly are sculpted by Bob Olley. Standard packs have 8 infantry or 4 cavalry figures Artillery pieces and vehicles are packaged and priced singly without crew unless stated otherwise. Based 3 infantry or 2 cavalry to a 40mm wide litko wood base. The figures in this range are designed to be suitable for the late Empire period, 1813-15. 1/72 (20mm) plastic – I began my miniatures gaming career with 2 boxes of ESCI French and British Napoleonic infantry for use with the Complete Brigadier rules. A solo-wargaming blog dedicated to my father and the world's most noble hobby; collecting toy soldiers. I am just trying make my WWII 20mm / 1/72 terrain collection visually coherent and I am still thinking about it. At long last my projected 15mm Fantasy Hordes of the Things Big Battle army nears completion. For those who had ten years on me, they might also be looking at metal Minifigs or Hinchcliffe 25mm’s or even those new fangled 15mm. Given HO is around 20mm I suggest trying a 3:4 ratio. Missing from the images are the leaders from both the Lancaster and York houses; I somehow skipped taking pics of them. I can find lots of HO scale plans > but nothing for 15mm. B. S. The game was a introduction to the rules, so no specific historical battle was represented. however I'm fascinated by the wars between South Africa and Angola (thanks in part to my South African Mate, Terence Corrigan), and this game show-cased beautifully the equipment, the terrain and the feel. We also offer a custom service for that unique piece you need for your gaming table. But choosing today, I can have soft plastic, hard plastic or metal, 2mm 3mm, 6mm, 10-12mm, 15-18mm, 1/72 - 20mm, classic 25mm or 28mm (yes and even bigger). Minifigs USA sells the figures in convenient blister packs. A small Napoleonic game We've sat down at the small kitchen table to fight a battle between an Austrian and Russian division vs. 15mm Old Glory French Line Infantry and AB mini's order Ok so I just finished painting this unit for my French Nappies and thought I had better post pics as I have not posted anything in a while. The Blue Moon figures seem to have stopped right about where everyone else stopped, around 18mm. For me it is an issue of playability of the rule set. 5 or 7mm to the foot. My old Old Glory 15mm Polish. Hello everyone, long time no post and this time just a note to let my readers know I haven't fallen off the face of the earthsummer is approaching and I hope to have more time for blogging and gaming in a new space! At Warbases we stock everything from MDF bases, movement trays and buildings to gaming accessories, acrylic tokens and our own range of figurines. Dutch 20mm Napoleonic Line Infantry @ Ray, 20mm shading is easier than 15mm, also I think the sculpting of 20mm plastics help as it gives great guide lines Ian. He is painting a Republican Roman Army in 15mm for me for Armati. Battlefront 15mm Loyd Carrier vs Forged in Battle 15mm Loyd Carrier So while I am struggling to paint up these Forged in Battle Bofors AA guns, I thought I should do a little blog on the Forged in Battle 15mm Loyd Carriers I picked up the other month. . Each company specializes in the design and manufacture of high quality war games figures and collectors figurines. Prices include vat, vat is deducted for deliveries made to non EU countries. Napoleonic: Battle of Talavera, Napoleonic Principles of War rules, 15mm. Denizen figures are manufactured in the U. These rules, although identified with Imaginations and the seven years war are really more Napoleonic than is at first apparent with the use of skirmishers and rules for squares. K. The white clad units are the Polish 13th Infantry Regiment who were distinctive from the dark blue uniformed units of the rest of the infantry. French efforts to cross the river and seize the farmhouse were thwarted by the Loubny Hussars and once the Russian supporting artillery arrived, the odds looked grim for the French. This was a follow-on to a game the previous week (one that I've yet to add to the blog). I already have a couple large armies. by Stone Mountain Miniatures. Rules are my own and are like a cross between NUTS! and FiveCore Skirmish. Line infantry are 6 bases per unit, the same with standard sized cavalry, smaller cavalry such as the chevauxlegers are 4 bases per unit. My original British army was Minifig and yes, Heritage. These two units of Saxon cuirassiers will replace my old Airfix versions, that have seen better days. I'd like to do more skirmish gaming and posting on here which as you can see has been very sparse. Westfalia Miniatures: Sascha Mischke from Black Hussar Miniatures will run the Napoleonic ranges from Westfalia from the 1st of February. This blog is concerned with military miniatures that are about one inch high. 15mm World War II: Entire Range 15mm World War II: American 15mm World War II: British 15mm World War II: French 15mm WW2 British Platoon No games to share after the holiday so far so I'll post some progress on the painting queue. The scale we work at is 1/72 (20mm) that can be used in any game system designed for 20mm, 28mm or 15mm and is well supported with thousands of model kits and terrain available. Of course, the poses have a lot to do with it, and none of the Front Rank Spanish Guerrillas I have are actually standing straight up - except the leader guy, but his is sort of an exaggerated pose so I didn't use him. I saw the great results the guy at 20mm and then some had with scratchbuilding bunkers so I thought I'd have a go at one in 15mm using roughly the same method. Shelldrake said. This was the original Force of Darkness, in 15mm. Saturday the local HMGS-South group played a Napoleonic naval game at the Dogs of War shop using Ship of the Line rules and 1/1200 scale miniatures. Skytrex also manufacture buildings and accessories for Model Railways. My favourite periods are Napoleonic, ACW and the 17th Century and I have armies in numerous scales in this periods. Elhiem Figures are the Official Licensed Miniatures for 'Ambush Alley's : Force on Force' modern combat rules. Our range of 15mm World War II German aircraft, guns, infantry, trains and vehicles will allow you to take on the entire world. It is grand tactical, so you don't get bogged down in the minutiae of formations, but still retains the core features of several distinct troop types such as light vs Line infantry, heavy cavalry vs light, massed artillery for assault support. For 1/72 scale use the base sizes for 25mm. Space has become an issue at home and I wanted the challenge of painting figures of this size. 15mm scale - 4 resin cast barricades per package. By using this website you agree to our use of cookies. South Africa vs Angola in 15mm I'm generally no great fan of 15mm simply because its too small for my poor eyesight to appreciate. All, Well, I've finished up another group of 15mm troops, and it's a big one! I ordered some of Flashpoint Miniatures' Vietnam-era USMC (all the way from Down Under!) several months ago, but just now got around to getting them painted up. The bases are all 1" square except the tank which sits on a 3"x2" base. I also accompanied Napoleon himself. I also dabble in Imaginations and other periods. We only had four hours to get the game in so I thought it may be fun and save a little time if we did a hidden deployment using spare terrain tiles. 15mm or 28mm) – This is usually taken as the height of the average male figure and is measured from the sole of the foot to eye level. You may find that many of the more general pieces in this range, barrels, boxes & crates plus walls, bridges and pieces of infrastructure are more than suitable for "28mm" and above. Everything you want and need for wargaming. I thought it was time to reduce the pile of unpainted lead a little, so out came the 15mm Napoleonics. Various manufacturers. So 2016 is time I dusted of my 15mm Saxon Army and debased and tarted her up to be finally finished. Pre-flocked bases: Line Infantry Battalion, 4 figures per (30mm x 40mm) Command stands will have 3 figures (Officer, Standard bearer and Drummer) My Light Infantry Battalion's will have 3 figures per 30mm x 40mm bases, 2 Skirmishers per 60mm x 20mm or 30mm base, Artillery 60mm x 80mm per gun section. American, European, Middle Eastern, and distant planets are covered in this line of products. 6 Ultra Wide Heliar, and 15mm f/4. Played a game of 15mm sci-fi using the Stargrunt II rules at the club on Thursday night, our fourth SG2 game in a row. Now part of CALIVER BOOKS we have more stuff for wargamers than anyone else on the planet! 15mm Essex French and Indian War - British Army - Part 1 Muskets & Tomahawks (M&T) have really given FIW gamin g a lift since their release. The focus of our group, as our name implies, is historical figure-based games in the Napoleonic period, but we do play wargames in other historical periods. Expanded the gaming area of the shed by a few metres, which has allowed me to make a larger board now. Warlord Games Today I will compare two kits which couldn't be more similar. Triangle Miniatures is your American distributor for Front Rank, Elite and Calpe Miniatures/Figurines. Figures are 80's vintage 20mm plastic from Revell, Matchbox and Airfix. Essex have a vast range of 15mm figures and in many other periods are regarded as the "baseline" for other manufacturers - however in Napoleonics there is a tendency for some of the more popular manufacturers to sneak towards 18mm, so Essex are the standard for those who prefer their figures to be a little closer to true 15mm. Peter Pig "More Oink" 15mm Figures , Models and Rules for Wargaming Updated 1 st October 2018. In the front is Von Zastrow, which was destroyed in the Russian campaign of 1812, behind is the Lieb regiment that missed that campaign. This game features the unit types of Infantry (40mm x 20mm bases), Skirmishers (20mm x 20mm bases), Heavy Cavalry (30mm x 30mm bases), Light Cavalry (30mm x 30mm bases) and Artillery (40mm x 40mm bases). Welcome to MINIATURE FIGURINES & MATCHLOCK MINIATURES. Also My FLGS owner just ordered me a ton of AB Nappies about $400. World War One: 15mm British Army I sat down tonight to take inventory of my lead pile and part way through ended up rebasing these soldiers for the Portable Wargame. Earlier this year, Voigtlander announced its very first set of native E-mount primes with electronic contacts: the 10mm f/5. This page is to show the forces I have gathered for the Chain of Command game from the Too Fat Lardies. A quick 'pic update' today with some photos of our recent 2mm Napoleonic smash. We will REFUND any difference if the shipment is cheaper. Review: Late Napoleonic Line Infantry, Perry Miniatures vs. 28mm Napoleonic - Brunswick Brigade With it coming up to the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo there is a lot enthusiasm at the club for doing a re-fight of this classic battle. These figures are fantastic and I picked up a bunch at this years Cold Wars in March. Welcome to AGSH. Russians are 8 man squadrons so are 2 of the larger bases with 3 figures each on one of the smaller bases with 2 figures. 15mm Napoleonic and 28mm Saxon-Viking. 15mm French Napoleonic Generals - Old Glory - As part of the "finish that lot of lead you got 7 years ago so you can finally table that force of french" project we have some generals hitting the tabl Step 3-I paint the face and hands with Dwarf Skin(72041), the gun with Ral 8012-UA22 Rotbrau, the shoes and the handle of the shovel with Charred Brown(72045). the artillery are on 25mm by 30mm bases. I have been painting on and off since my father introduced me to my first ever plastic 54mm Napoleonic figures at the age of 9. I'm looking to get some 15mm/18mm Napoleonic miniatures. I want to share more. Empress Miniatures 28mm World War Two First Releases for a Major New Range Well, this is a big day here at Empress Miniatures, and one that sees the release of a significant new range for us. The AWC’s Lasalle Napoleonic Tournament in 15mm scale is due to start soon. Essex Miniatures. 95 RMA605 Napoleonic: British Infantry & Artillery Supplement (1800-1814) 15mm miniatures from the Chariot Miniatures range include, Biblical, Classical, Dark Ages, Medieval, Eastern, French Revolution and Napoleonic Miniatures. Our most extensive range is of British O Gauge products, which is 1/43. Saturday the local HMGS-South group played a Napoleonic game at the Dogs of War shop using a modified version of the Empire V rules. Get great deals on eBay! Battlegroup Overlord 15mm game Yanks vs Krauts Had a fling with Battlegroup Overlord (the BG Kursk expansion and replacement tome for KG Normandy) today at Stephens. In the works I have French, British, Austrian, Prussian, and my first army of old; Saxons. Back in the nineties me and my friends at Tyneside Wargames clubs used to play "Empire" rules and amassed truly vast armies over the 25 years or so we played. Denizen 25mm Science Fiction miniatures are designed to be used with any science fiction rules system or RPG. Earlier in the year, I sold off over half of my Napoleonic figures to local gamers. As an addition to our 28mm games we have been thinking lately to scale down to 15mm and or 20mm for our platoon and larger games. e. Add to that the War of the League of Augsberg figures, 15mm Navigator Miniatures, Baueda 15mm figure ranges and lots of 15mm fantasy miniatures from Chariot Miniatures and Blood Dawn. Fitz's Roleplaying, Wargaming and Modeling-related blather. And here are some pictures of the figures Krisztian has sent me with his mail saying that the figures are on their way. By the time I was 14 I have over 600 painted figures, these have unfortunately been lost in the various moves I have had to under-go over the past 40 plus years. This army is totally separate from the Undead Army I have previously blogged about. Next year's Historicon game, as currently envisioned, will require a lot of new 15mm scale early 19th century terrain and I wanted to see how 3D printing might be put to use. This scratch built fort broke at the gate somewhere in there but i Lots of nice 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm-28mm scale Terrain, Buildings, Accessories, and Figures – covering several Periods (AmRev, AmMex, ACW, Wild West, WW2, and more. 20mm Napoleonic action For last Friday's game we dragged out our 20mm Napoleonic troops. Personally, I preferred smaller battles in which the basic infantry unit is the battalion, and Shako rules are OK for that. g. Set your games against backdrops in Poland, North Africa, France, or the Soviet Union. 15mm WW2 British infantry Not a lot happening on the painting table at the moment. I am just about to start collecting my first Napoleonic minis (have none at the moment!) and am currently evaluating my options between 28mm and 15mm. however I’m fascinated by the wars between South Africa and Angola (thanks in part to my South African Mate, Terence Corrigan), and this game show-cased beautifully the equipment, the terrain and the feel. WWII 15mm Battlefront Miniatures - PzKfw IIIJs, this is a series of modified Pz IIIs, they feature reworked air filters (which you can't see), open side hatches with crewmen, racks for the rear deck (made from plastic and to delicate for gaming), the extra armor on the front (mostly hidden by sandbags). British line companies - 4 man 20mm (width) x 30mm (Depth) bases. Britannia 20mm I received a couple 1/72 scale Academy M35 2. I went with H&R TRAK+ Wheel Spacers DRS® Series. Posties Rejects met up on Sunday for a 15mm napoleonic french vs austrian game using General de Brigade with house rule changes. 6mm is commonly regarded as 1:300 scale and was the original “micro armour” wargaming scale. The infantry are bases on 25mm by 15mm bases, and the cavalry on 25mm by 20mm bases. 15mm miniatures from the Chariot Miniatures range include, Biblical, Classical, Dark Ages, Medieval, Eastern, French Revolution and Napoleonic Miniatures. South Africa vs Angola in 15mm I’m generally no great fan of 15mm simply because its too small for my poor eyesight to appreciate…. The entire force, as usual consisting of 23 men in five-man teams and a three-man HQ section. We've opted to use the Black Powder rules and use 28mm figures, mainly because a couple of our group already had some. Been wargaming for nearly 50 years. A French squadron of one 120, one 80 and five 74s with average crews met a British squadron of six 74s with two elite and four crack crews. It took a bit of doing, but I do seem to have managed to sort out all the pics of the games. The uniforms were spray-painted white, then I did the boots and body armor with a sand color, the weapons in black, and the gear in Italian Green. I bought these over the last year but I am only keeping figures I painted myself. Front Rank's figures are made of white metal and sold unpainted. 20mm WW2 - US M3A1 halftracks - Well, these took me a while to finish. I am selling two groups of painted figures. MiniatureZone - An interesting and very useful online modelling magazine, with the emphasis on 1/72 and similar scales. These guys have been tucked up in their boxes for a while and were in need of some fresh air. This puts me in a minority in the wargaming fraternity, with most 'serious' wargamers playing in 15mm or increasingly in 28mm. The 15mm f/1. All elements have a frontage of 60mm. Here's a comparison shot of the few 28mm Napoleonic makes I have. In my eyes DRM is easier to install but weighs more and 15mm Napoleonic infantry Having painted loads of FoW vehicles in the last couple of weeks, I decided it was time for a change of palatte. They were 90% done in Januari and I've been staring at them on my workbench since. I could put so many more 15mm tanks on the board than I could 20mm)!!!! Sergio Laliscia's collection of wargame miniatures about Napoleonic armies, showed the 7th of October 2012 in Alt si gioca convention in Terni. The French were placed as blinds in areas 1, 2 and the 3 that was the opposite to where the British started. One of the periods I've been building over the past four years has been the French colonial campaign in Indochina at the end of the 19th Century. My favourite scale for wargaming and figure painting is 1/72 scale (20mm). We also stock Perry Miniatures. As a I prefer playing Flames of War with primarily tank based forces, utilizing line of sight blocking terrain is an important part of my tactics. With 60 figs it's probably great for most systems but General du Corp (GdC) only uses 8-10 models on a single base for a brigade. British Rifles, contray to popular belief, these boys in green actually fought in line during waterloo. As it is a platoon level skirmish game I will only need a platoon plus some support for each force. I'm trying to find the ideal compromises between quality and price. We himmed and haad over what to play and what rules to try eventually going with FOGN. 28mm Ancient28mm Medieval28mm Crusades28mm Renaissance28mm Napoleonic28mm American Civil War28mm Colonial28mm Fantasy28mm Horses & Mounts (all peri Shop here for all your 15mm wargaming miniatures including Middle Eastern, European, Sci-fi / fantasy as well as miniatures for Tomorrows War and Force on Force and Flames Of War. Blue Moon Manufacturing brings you a beautifully sculpted figures in both 28mm and 15mm. Anglo-Boer War: Battle of Colenso, Principles of War rules, 15mm. Two French vs Austrian Napoleonic Campaign Games Last Saturday, ten of us got together to play the opening battles in a new Napoleonic campaign run by Charlie, the author of Napoleon's Rules of War . PicoArmor is a website dedicated to wargaming at the 1/600 scale. Of course, the smaller a scale you go, you can just switch in the new scale and do the same observations (15mm vs 6mm for example) but like I said, this article is of me bing an (ex-)28mm afficionado slowly comming more into the 15mm scale for a lot of reasons. Just some Eye candy of some of the wargames that were play at Brisbane Independent Gamers Inc over the last year. Scratch built 15mm buildings I recently set up my new gaming table and discovered I did not have enough line of sight blocking terrain. Heck, you could even try ESR out with unit cards before you decide that you love it and want to use miniatures. They also make a limited, but expanding, range of vehicles and guns in those scales. French SYW Artillery - Lancashire Games 15mm The Boy's army continues to grow, he has had noticeable success in a recent game with his guns, blasting my poor infantry to bits as I advanced towards his troops so it was not surprising that he should favour yet more guns. Several rules which represent artillery on a ratio of 1:2 use 40mm per model gun, so my system gives exactly the same battery frontage. Armed with your rulebook, march your troops into the theatre of war - re-enact the famous battles of North Africa, or carry out skirmishes in occupied France - we've got all the high-quality miniatures, rulebooks and terrain you need to get started. - Alberken Figures, U. Ten companies is ten bases with a frontage of 20cm. We cover Horror, Pulp, SciFi and Historicals. Our 15mm Blue Moon Ranges of Figures and Buildings are growing fast. First up most of the infantry soon to be followed by support, halftracks, armour and some terrain and other bits and pieces. It has yet to be confirmed if players will get 1 or 2 Support options – but looks most likely just one for this initial competition (as many players are still busy painting their figures and learning the rules). In the continuing Napoleonic project, Seth and I had hosted the historical Battle of LaRothiere (1814) [for this game see:[]. Flags come in 15/20mm, 25mm, 40-54mm. My name is Rafael Pardo, I live in Valladolid (Spain) and this web-site is devoted to my main hobby which I started around 1980: Wargaming with Napoleonic miniatures. I also wanted to play larger games with more units on the table. My Prussians version 1814 were pitted against their French counterparts. Obviously time to get the lads in Blue and Grey out to scratch the 20mm itch! The Portable Napoleonic Wargame: Progress and changes The Peninsular War in 15mm. Terrain and scenery for 6mm gaming. A History of the British Empire including timelines, maps, biographies and detailed histories amongst many other resources for anyone interested in this vital period of imperial history We work out the trending price by crunching the data on the product’s sale price over the last 90 days. Welcome to Episode 34 of the Meeples & Miniatures Miniature Review Show In this show, I look at the 15mm M4A3 Sherman Tank box set from The Plastic Soldier October 3, 2012 // 0 Comments Miniature Review – 20mm SdKfz 251D from The Plastic Soldier Company B15 British Napoleonic Riflemen 1808-15 (2 figures with head and arm options) B6 20mm x 20mm individual Green bases x 40; B16 French Napoleonic Dismounted Dragoons 1812-15 (2 figures with head and arm options) a few months ago I´ve sent three units of French Napoleonic Cavalry to a painting service. It is a unit of French Hussars, one unit of Cuirassiers and also one unit of Dragoons. 15mm Napoleonic: Austrian15mm Napoleonic: Bavarian15mm Napoleonic: British15mm Napoleonic: Brunswick15mm Napoleonic: Dutch15mm Napoleonic: Equipment: Al 15mm or 20mm spacers. The buildings are purely aesthetic and are moved around or even removed when the areas are occupied by troops. 1815 Quatre Bras inspired Black Powder Napoleonic Wargame (with animation) Paddy popped down on a wet Saturday afternoon and was allowed in as he brought two lovely bottles of Rioja with him. The Avon Napoleonic Fellowship (ANF), a small wargames group located in the Avon Valley, about 100 km ENE of Perth Western Australia. One of our customers wanted to do the Wars of the Roses (WoTR) in 28mm using Perry Miniatures. At 15mm the sculpting quality is just not visible on the gaming table and the price for Old Glory and not having to order half a dozen codes to get what I want has won me over. 5 ton truck kits a couple of years ago, and only recently finished them (well, finished enough to game with). Maxi Miniatures - A general hobby website. Each one is unique and can be used for many different eras in gaming such as ACW, Old West, AWI, French Foreign Legion, etc. These Austrian Jagers were purchased from Dragon Painting Services and re-based for Napoleon's Rules of War . RMA604 Napoleonic: British Infantry & Artillery Supplement (1815) £79. Doug kindly sent along some surplus Chassuer heads as the box is strictly for the guard. I. It is a combined arms gaming experience with support for all manufacturers of 15mm sci-fi and modern figures. 15mm WW2 British Platoon No games to share after the holiday so far so I'll post some progress on the painting queue. HäT Industries very kindly sent me some test shots of some figures that they plan to release early in 2010. We own a box of Elves, Undead, and Ch'in Chinese. To be specific, it deals with figures described as being in the following scales: 20mm, 22mm, "traditional" or "true" 25mm, HO, 1/72 or 1/76. Both of them are (predominantly) plastic kits, both covering exactly the same topic: later Napoleonic French line infantry, 1812-1815. We choose an attack (US Inf Divn- Stephen) versus defence (Fallschirmjager - moi) 'Defence Line' scenario from rulebook. Whilst the typical sight of a 'Napoleonic French Soldier' is common shako wearing troops seen in most collections, this bicorne wearing troop captures the look of French army that first won glory for Napoleon I, and created the French Empire. The Andrea blues in particular you give a lovely mat finish and mixed with the Vallejo blues give some lovely rich blues. Yet another Blog of one man's fascination with the Napoleonic period in 10mm, 15mm and 28mm figures. Broken Legions is a set of fantasy skirmish rules for a war unknown to history, fought in the shadows of the Roman Empire. - Doug Johnson founds and edits Bulletin of Colonial Wargame Society , later Savage and Soldier , first special magazine totally devoted to era gaming. After a long time I show my 15mm vision of 9th French L ight Regiment who participated in the Battle of Barrosa/Chiclana in 1811 The 9ème légère was a famous regiment that he won the title L `incomparable for his greats exploits at the Battle of Marengo and later campaigns , fighted in the Peninsular War but the regiment was somewhat diminished. Thanks for posting this as I am about to buy fomr Eureka 15mm for the 1933 Australian Civil war setting and I am thinking of getting some Peter Pig WW1 figures to use as well. the might of the French army. Sunday, January 10, 2010. Basing of 15mm Napoleonic Miniatures British line companies - 4 man 20mm (width) x 30mm (Depth) bases. We are pleased also to announce a new associated range of 6mm figures by Mary berry od Bakeus Miniatures, but the rules will of course also work with 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 28mm. 5 Super Wide Heliar. Vehicle rules are integral to the game and not a bolt on. New Vikings 2 months ago Fine and Dandy. As mentioned in an earlier post, I have just started a new project, SP2 using 18mm Blue Moon figures for the F&IW. Add a little Hollywood to your Wargaming. . We offer Oddzial Osmy (O8) miniatures and our 3mm buildings as leading products. Size (i. This website uses cookies to ensure it delivers the best web experience for you. 1/72 Scale Plastic Napoleonic Figures - Information on 1/72 scale plastic Napoleonic figures, with an emphasis on certain battles. 15mm miniatures are available as Elements including a plastic base (used in e. 20mm WW2 US Infantry platoon You might have seen those in The Analogue Hobbies painting challenge a few weeks back but I'm currently working on a US WW2 force in 20mm scale. I enjoy the history and the splendour of the periods and painting figures is something I find quite relaxing at the end of a day. Work in Progress - 15mm Napoleonic Armies I have been secretly busy the last year acquiring painted 15mm Minifigs to enlarge my Napoleonic armies. The interior of the two end pieces in 4" x 4". Napoleonic game today at mine with Stephen. I remember from the late 90s and early 2000s how many gamers were bemoaning the scale creep that was moving 15mm figures in the direction of 20mm. Many have high hopes for this tiny lens, and in this 15mm f/1. I've painted over 25,000 and I've got about 6,000 unpainted and the manufacturers are producing more than ever. Basic infantry maneuver unit is the brigade. While the real battle had Russians participating, we substituted more of Seth's Austrians in lieu of these green clad boys. (predecessor of Miniature Figurines) 20mm figures leads Jack Scruby to comment on the variable size of U. Discounts, p&p, payments and product information please see How to Order . DDetmer89 wrote: > I am interested in building my own buildings. Buildings for all eras from WWII to Modern to the far future. It also means you can use whatever scale figures you like, be they 2mm, 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm… Well, you get the idea. These are "true" 15 mm figures, measuring 15 mm from eye-level to foot. This period is interesting to me in part as a component of the history of the French Foreign Legion. Here's images of the bulk of the order so far. Flames of War We work out the trending price by crunching the data on the product’s sale price over the last 90 days. When I think I'm all settled on 20mm, I see a video or picture of a 15mm equivalent model and then I get delusions of grandeur (oooooohhhh…. Zulu war (1879) battles, British vs Zulus, modified version 1 Sword and the Flame rules, 20mm. Lots of nice 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm-28mm scale Terrain, Buildings, Accessories, and Figures – covering several Periods (AmRev, AmMex, ACW, Wild West, WW2, and more. 20mm WW2 - US M3A1 halftracks 3 years ago Conwy Wargames Club 15mm Peninsular Napoleonic 2 months ago 28mm Review. There were 6 This game features the unit types of Infantry (40mm x 15mm bases 4 figures), Skirmishers (40mm x 15mm bases 2 figures), Cavalry (30mm x 30mm bases 2 figures) and Artillery (40mm x 40mm bases 4 figures). The scenario pitted Nordmann's Austrian Advance Guard attempting to hold the bridge and village as Morand's powerful division forced the crossing. Hordes of the Things (HOTT)), Packs, Battlegroups and whole armies. 20mm Russians vs French The two villages constituted the objectives. Mutineer Miniatures 28mm Colonial Indian Mutiny figures. G Club members have been wargameing for over 33 years in Queensland Australia the Club was Est in 1980 . 7 review, we’ll see if those hopes are warranted. 15mm World War II: Entire Range 15mm World War II: American 15mm World War II: British 15mm World War II: French 15mm Roman cavalry With the 'primed-and-ready-to-paint' boxes almost empty, I've been rummaging around in cupboards looking for figures that a) I feel like painting, b) might be useful and c) won't require spray priming in the current summer heat and humidity. Panasonic 15mm vs 20mm Apr 26, 2016 Sorry to ask the question again but I am going to head back to the m43 world with the GX80 and am going to get the 15mm due to its size and speed etc for video. There are 24 miniatures per pack for line infantry -- 18 infantrymen with two command groups consisting of officer, standard bearer and drummer. Fog' s Soldiers is a professional miniature painting service and a producer of high quality, handcrafted, scenery and model trains services. The other army consists of 15mm figures on the 25mm HOTT base widths in order to obtain a massive looking army. I'm a bit over Napoleonics for while, though. Not only do I want to be able to field a 72 point undead army, I want to do it in 15mm scale using bases with a 60mm Elements, thus doubling the number of troops per element when compared against the standard 40mm base for a 15mm army. Cavalry are on 30 mm by 20mm or 20mm by 20mm bases and I use a mix depending on the squadron strength. Everything from the Middle Ages via the Napoleonic era to the 41st millenium. There are a few where I either don't know who was running them, what the game was or both. I've been putting together various Plastic Soldier Company kits that I picked up at various shows, so they will need painting up shortly. To quicken up the pace, I've diverted from the card-driven version of Victorious Eagle Warfare, and chose dice activation instead: the General rolls 1d6 for each command point he has, and I've been working on this army for the last 6-7 months and finally finished. But they seem very approachable so drop them a line perhaps to ask about costs etc. Alternative Armies makes its August 2018 releases in 15mm science fiction with a new mega pack for Security Force Alpha! Three different weapon platforms with gun crew great for many settings and adding to the huge SFA choice in the range already. 00 worth, part should be here Monday and part later in the week. vs. Will also post on TMP before Ebay. I (Kawe) really don't have enough time to focus on both the KS business and the traditional stuff. We were using my modified set of Give Them The Cold Steel, tweaked for early nineteenth-century combat. 15mm French & Indian War - Scratchbuilt Fort (half) I haven't unpacked any of my buildings for the last three moves. New board is nearly 8' x 6' - just big enough for some larger battles, and offers that little extra room for movement. Our range of superlative 28mm Modern Warfare Miniatures! We are constantly adding to this range with new figures, factions and vehicles and aim to keep this one of the most current and exciting range of miniatures available. One of my friends decided he wanted to play large Napoleonic battles using 6mm or 10mm, and he really liked Grande Armee rules. My 1/72 Napoleonic armys are made up of Airfix, Esci, HaT, Italeri & Revell Miniatures most of Napoleonic miniatures are from my schoo 1/72 Samurai Castle This is Scratchbuilt a simple 1/72 Samurai Castle that I made up for a club game . 6 Hyper Wide Heliar, 12mm f/5. This is one of the first periods I complete On my 1mm = 2 feet ground scale this gives 20mm per real gun, so a six gun battery has a frontage of 120mm and an eight gun battery has a frontage of 160mm. plastic I used foamboard (foamcore) to produce some 15mm buildings for my Stalingrad project. It stands about 1 1/4" high. Find french napoleonic from a vast selection of Games and Toys. Though I do love the Hovels line that I used when I was doing SCW in 20mm (using the great Historical Products SCW line sculpted by David Allsop and still available from Pat Condray) way back when, and some of the JR miniatures buildings in 15mm are workable as well, I'm trying to reduce the cost of terrain to a bare minimum. Thanks Jonathan for your kind words and visit, I doubt we will ever see additions to the Sash and Saber 25mm Napoleonic Line during our life time :o( unless someone buy's out the company and hire Chris Hughes to re-start sculpting the 25mm Napoleonic range which is a possibility. 10mm Napoleonic Crews 10mm Napoleonic Naval Guns Capitan Games Ltd, 24 Rayner Drive, Brighouse, West Yorkshire, HD6 2DG, United Kingdom Email After a long time I show my 15mm vision of 9th French L ight Regiment who participated in the Battle of Barrosa/Chiclana in 1811 The 9ème légère was a famous regiment that he won the title L `incomparable for his greats exploits at the Battle of Marengo and later campaigns , fighted in the Peninsular War but the regiment was somewhat diminished. Old Glory Miniatures are Simply the Finest! hand crafted, custom made miniatures as each package is lovingly cast to order fresh out of the melting pot. Including Warhammer, LotR, Lion Rampant, Song of Drums and Shakos, Chain of Command and Warhammer 40k etc. U. Welcome to Rebel Minis! *** Update on International Shipping*** We have raised international shipping to a flat $22 to cover rising costs. 15mm Napoleonic Figure Manufacturers Directory. I pulled out the 15mm figures last night for a refight of the battle of Ipsus pitting Antigonus and his son Demetrius against Seleucus, Antiochus and friends in Phrygia. 15mm Pz38t — resin vs. [ click here for more ] A blog of wargaming from Sweden. • See Denizen 25mm science fiction listing for contents and prices. yeah right! Prussian Horse Artillery Caisson Life continues to be pretty busy however in my spare time I have slowly pushed on with my Prussian artillery vehicle project. Scott hosted a Napoleonic game using his beautiful 18mm Napoleonic collection and General de Brigade rules. What I am selling is the Crescent Root Studio 15mm Western Europe House collection. 28mm Austrian Napoleonic Jagers This is the last of my units purchased in a recent buying spree on Ebay. Based with white glue and can be pried off easily. Regards Gav . Since this is only one project among many, I don't want to spend a lot of money if I can avoid it. That seems pretty steep. My figs are from the victrix old guard box. Large lot of painted 15mm Napoleonic figures. WSS Blue Moon 15mm Infantry There are various options for War of the Spanish Succession (WSS) period figures in 15mm (or Marlburian period, if you want to be all anglocentric) including Essex, Dixons, Minifigs, Irregular, Roundway, Lancashire Games, Black Hat and Freikorps to name but a few. 20mm figures - the French Napoleonic Collection in Review Decided to dust the cabinet shelves and formed up the remaining Napoleonic figures in my collection for review. 15/20mm flags are $4 each, plus $4 if you want them on cotton. Phil at the club is a big buddy of Rob Broom, former editor of the Warhammer Historical series of books, author of the new 'War and Conquest' rules that we play at the club, and force behind Scarab Miniatures on whose behalf we put on a game to demo the 'War and Conquest' rules. 15mm Napoleonic Game Report: Freisadt 1809 French vs Austrian(Picture Heavy). Very satisfying project to do. This model is designed at the popular 28mm-30mm gaming scale, and can be shrunk down to 15mm, 20mm or 25mm scales by simply adjusting the print size percentage on your printer. However it also encompasses the military 1:285 aircraft and vehicle recognition scale used by military colleges in the NATO group. It can be used with 15mm or 20mm figures. M35 truck Model Comparison for 20mm: Academy 1/72 vs. But this isn’t standard across the industry and a lot of variation has crept in resulting in “scale creep”. "20mm" figures. Total length is 19". Table size is 2'x2' representing about 100mx100mm. Award-winning wargaming miniatures, figures, buildings, terrain, paint, flags, books and rules for all periods. Many wargames use templates for built-up areas. 15mm Napoleonic: Austrian15mm Napoleonic: Bavarian15mm Napoleonic: British15mm Napoleonic: Brunswick15mm Napoleonic: Dutch15mm Napoleonic: Equipment: Al 15mm Napoleonic Figure Manufacturers Directory. Here toy soldiers clash in great battles from scales of 3mm to 54mm. Hello all, some more video of an on going commission, thanks for taking a look . Our range of 15mm World War II miniatures enable you to bring the devastating battles of World War II to your tabletop. John brought his Napoleonic collection round last weekend and we had another game using General de Brigade rules. So the 1st of my artillery park finished is a caisson for my horse artillery batteries. You can see the results below, I didn't quite get the wood to look as I would have liked; it turned out to close to the soil colour. For the uniform blues I have moved over from foundry to Andrea and Vallejo paints and I'm really enjoying the blends they are giving me. These are the Napoleonic Bavarian infantry of which I wrote in my review of their French legere. Anyone know of some suppliers of good quality 20mm* Napoleonic miniatures? I have some from years ago that were cast by a friend but he no longer casts miniatures and sold the molds off. The Plastic Soldier Company makes, well duh, plastic toy soldiers for wargamers, in 15mm (1:100) and 25mm (1:72). For our second refight we are again using the Alfonso map, but with the woods counting as dense (means the French will not be so tempted to defend in them) and also only being the area within the green line, i. In this blog you' ll be able to find example of our painting work, news on our preferred games and painting guides. The DBA rulebook has two basing sizes - one for 15mm figures and one for 25mm. Although the Bardin regulation uniform is often described as the 1812 uniform, very few formations received these uniforms before 1813. 7 is a wide-angle lens with a field of view equivalent to a 30mm lens on a full frame camera. There is alot of debate in DRS vs DRM. 15mm vs 20mm napoleonic